How to Sleep Better: A Checklist


By now, most of us know and understand the importance of why we sleep, but often we neglect the things we can do to improve our sleep. Gone are the days of staying up until 4am playing video games or watching TV. Your “nightcap” of alcohol is probably causing more harm than good, especially if […]

Is Time Your Number One Obstacle for Achieving the Body You Want?

A stressful woman

I understand that while your main goals are to get stronger and lose fat, finding time to get your workouts done throughout the week is difficult. After conducting over 100 consultations as a trainer, this is the most common obstacle I’ve come across so it’s important to recognize you aren’t alone here. Numerous clients have […]

Are You Training Your Mindset?

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”-Steve Maraboli  We all have negative self-talk and doubt at times, and sometimes that little negative voice in the back of your head comes to you at times when you least expect it. The worst is when it happens at 3am the night […]

The Key to the Best Morning Routine

Is your morning routine setting yourself up for success or is it procrastination? For a while, I fell into the trap that so many self-help gurus recommend for morning routines. You know the crazy ones I am talking about like:  Wake up at 3:30AM. No snoozing or you are weak.  Meditate for 1 hour then […]